Sunday, February 23, 2014

What is it?

Yesterday we had to run an errand to pick up stuff for the unending bathroom remodel and ended up near a garden center that I normally go to only a couple of times a year. I found out a few weeks ago that they're having a winter "farmer's market" in their greenhouses so I was able to convince The Husband to go. He bought some winter veggies (and some tomatoes grown in a green house! in February! in New England!). I bought some house plants.

Here's the one I want to talk about. It was for sale with a bunch of so-called "terrarium plants." I say so called because you need a very large terrarium to hold a rubber tree or a ficus. They clearly choose their terrarium plants based on how easy they are to propagate, not how fast they grow or how large they get.

The new plant is labeled "Ittie Bittie Succulent." Not much help. Turns out "Ittie Bittie" is the brand name and not a clue to the identity of this plant.

Let me give you an idea of scale. Here's the plant with a hippo.

OK. Maybe a hippo isn't the best idea for scale. Here's the plant with three hippos and a pencil.

Any ideas about what it might be? And what conditions it might need? And how big it will get?

I always appreciate good labeling by garden centers. Yes, that was kind of heavy on the sarcasm. For some background on my experiences with garden center labeling check out this post.

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  1. Peperomia ferreyrae is the closest thing I'm familiar with, though I'm not positive that that's what you have.