Wednesday, February 5, 2014

#First World (Plant) Problems

I've been spoiled. I have access to water on every floor in my house. 

Well, I HAD access to water on every floor in  my house. Then came the leak. A pipe that ran under the floor of my second floor bathroom began to leak. When we opened up the ceiling to find the problem we discovered that whoever put in the second floor bathroom originally also cut completely through a couple of joists. If we had a bathtub up there it would have ended up on the first floor.

In order to fix said leak and joists the floor and tiled walls of the second floor bathroom needed to be opened up. I HAD wanted to remodel it in a couple of years... Just not THIS year.

So we've got construction guys traipsing through the house and (temporarily) no bathroom on the second floor.

What does this have to do with plants? It means I have to make multiple trips up the stairs, hauling water, to water my second floor plants.

Like this 3 foot Ficus.

And this very large Clivia.

And Lemon-Lime, here.

Plus I have to bring hanging baskets downstairs to water them (I always set them in a sink or bathtub to let the water run through).

So my second floor plants aren't getting watered on quite the correct schedule AND, despite the efforts of the construction guys, they're getting COVERED with construction dust. They're practically begging me to haul ALL of them into the shower.

As soon as we have a second floor shower, that is.

Life is soooo hard for a houseplant in the First World.

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