Sunday, June 17, 2012

Any advice for Smuggling?

Last year in Panama I saw a purple blooming Anthurium.  I wanted it.  I thought about plucking off a leaf and smuggling it back into the US.  

Then I thought - don't be silly.  This is the age of the internet.  You can find anything.


Well, partly.

I can find purple Anthuriums for sale.  From Hawaii.  Including shipping that costs, like, triple digits.  More than I usually spend on a single plant.

So I kept looking.  And looking.  And looking.

Finally found one -see?!

Unfortunately this one was for sale (for a reasonable price) at KEW GARDENS IN ENGLAND. 

Thought about buying it (couldn't steal a leaf to root, too many witnesses) and trying to smuggle it back to the US.  The Husband thought that was a bad idea.


He also said he wouldn't bail me out if I got caught.

So I continue to live without a purple Anthurium.

I has a sad.

[Did I hear a someone say there's an Orange one?]


  1. I did actually try to start you a cutting of my purple one. It got too dry and died, unfortunately, but the concept was good. Not impossible that I might try again, though I'd prefer to wait until after I've cut back the collection to a more reasonable size.

  2. Oh, and -- ask Kenneth Moore about smuggling. He'll set you straight.