Monday, May 28, 2012

When the LGC lets you down

My new-last-fall dwarf Pieris (Pieris japonica 'Cavatine') are looking like, well, frankly, like crap.  Their leaves have all turned brown and speckled.  It's only the dwarf Pieris that are affected, so I took a leaf to the Local Garden Center for interpretation.

"Oh, that's lacebug (Tingidae sp.).  They're a common problem on Cavatine Pieris around here.  Here's a poison you can use to kill them, your local bee population, butterflies attracted to your flowers and potentially cause long term health problems for you and your pets."

OK, so I paraphrased that a bit.  [I'm not a fan of pesticides.]

This is NOT a pesticide rant [been there, done that, will probably do it again] but a rant because the LGC that I went to for advice is the same place that sold me the plants to begin with.  If they know that this particular strain of Pieris is frequently heavily infected by a locally abundant pest species then WHY ARE THEY SELLING IT?

They're also selling Lilies.  In our area Lilies are decimated by the Red Lily Beetle (also know as the Asian Lily Beetle).  So if you buy Lilies you need to buy pesticides.  

[They should sell them in a combo pack]

And don't let me get on about Weeping Cherries and Winter Moths.  They always look bad after a year in the ground around here.

Clearly the LGC is not organically minded. But couldn't they at least let people know when they buy a plant that it is potentially a big honking waste of money?

Oh, wait.  That's one strategy to make money.  By selling pesticides and replacement plants.

But that does not make me want to go back.

Sad Plants.  Sad Gardener.

[but now I have some new spaces!  What can I use to replace these...  I'll just have to go someplace different this time!]

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  1. Diana,
    I saw on another site you mentioned using a rain barrel to store discarded aquarium water. I also have a couple of large aquariums and wanted to do the same thing. My aquariums are on the second floor and I was planning on going out the window with a siphon/hose going directly into the barrel somehow. I was wondering how you get the water into your rain barrel.