Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ginormous Dragonfly

During the summer we have some very large dragonflies that fly over our yard at rooftop level.  We've never gotten a good look at one. 

Until this week.

I found this handsome devil perched near the ground.  He's about 4 inches long.  [That's ginormous for modern dragonflies, there is a size limit based at least in part on the oxygen concentration of the air - modern air has less oxygen than prehistoric monsters with wingspans over 2 feet].

I'm not sure of the ID on this guy.  I'm still looking.  Any ideas?


  1. How awesome...I'm always super-excited to see dragonflies in the garden...even though mine are MUCH smaller than that!

  2. We have lots of dragon flies (two water gardens) and none this big.