Friday, May 25, 2012

Feeling Blue

When I pulled the garden bench out of the basement I decided it needed to be spruced up a bit.   It's a cheap, wooden bench that was originally stained.  So I could sand and stain it or I could spray paint it.  

I'm lazy.  Spray Painting is quicker and easier.  Guess what I did?

That's right.  The Husband and I walked up to the local hardware store and picked out some spray paint.  

Guess what color we went with?

Hey, how'd you know?  Did you read the title of this post?  Cheater!

Bright, bright blue.

Now I didn't have anything else in the garden that was blue - my pots were all green.  So what to do to make this bench look like it belonged? 

Spray paint some cheap plastic pots from [CENSORED].

So now I have the color on both sides of my property.

The pots became my herb garden for the summer.  I dug up some tarragon and sage and oregano from the garden and bought some lemon balm and basil and dill and...  Make my mouth water just typing this.

Not pictured are the matching tomato cages - also found at [CENSORED - it's a Big Box Store.  The local garden center doesn't carry anything quite so tacky unusual.

Garden decorations are definitely beautiful in the eye of the beholder.  Some of my neighbors cringe at my bright colors and other neighbors...  well, let's just say I might have started a trend with the spray painted pots.  

Maybe I should patent the idea....

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