Sunday, October 2, 2011

Running Out of Time

How can it be October already?  I'm not ready!

Lately every time I have free time to work in the garden the weather has been nasty.

I'm behind on my weeding.

I'm behind deadheading plants.

If I don't deadhead this oregano I'll be pulling seedlings out of the garden all next year!

And my neighbors are replacing their grass so I guess I need to move this Caryopteris now instead of waiting till spring.  It kind of grew over the edge of my garden and into their yard.

Speaking [well, typing] of grass I need to remove this grass before next spring.  This is where my Aqueligia [the ones I ordered from England.  The Fragrant ones] will be going.  Gotta have a place to put them.

I thought fall in New England was supposed to be dry and cool.  What's with all the gray overcast and rain?  Bleh.

This guy agrees with me.

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