Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's The End

It's The End.

No, not of the world.  That was Tuesday.

No, not of the vegetable garden.  That was a week or so ago.

It's the end.

Of the Water Year, that is.

I measure and report rainfall for a national organization called CoCoRaHS (the community collaborative rain, hail and snow network).  This is the where forecasters, weather reporters, climatologists and meteorologist go to find detailed information about small scale rainfall patterns (these can be used for things like drought monitoring, calibrating radar estimates of rainfall and who knows what all else).

This data used to be collected by the National Weather Service before budget cuts.

One of the perks is that at the end of the year I get a report that contains all of the data.

Here's my 2011 rainfall by month graph.  August was a wet month!  Well, we had one day with over three inches of rain and that pushed us out of the normal range.

This is great.  I had been recording rainfall in my garden journal.  And then I got neglectful of that information.  [And then I got neglectful about the everything else in the journal]  But NOW someone else has pulled the data together and I can use it to get an idea of why certain plants did well and others didn't.  Or that's the theory anyway.

The bad part about participating in CoCoRaHS - I also have to measure snowfall all winter.


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  1. OK how do you get the chart to show in the blog?
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