Saturday, October 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

After missing Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for the past few months I'm back.  Will I be back next month, too?  Will I have anything blooming here in my New England garden?  These are the great mysteries of life.

Not surprisingly my Zinnias are still blooming.  Really love these that I started from seed.  I just need to find my notes about what they're called so I can start more next year.

Gaura is a reliable all season bloomer for me.  The bright pink variety is a little short lived compared to the white but it has a more upright structure and is currently covered in blooms.

This is a plant I thought was an annual when I bought it.  Now I even forget the name...  But it has bloomed all summer and the plant looks similar to a Scabiosa.

My scabiosa are still blooming, too.  Sorry I didn't take pictures of them this month.

There are a few blooms still on my Buddleia.  The late season butterflies are all over these - especially the migrating Monarchs.

Last year I planted a lot of different Rudbeckia.  Most of them failed to come back.  A few seedlings came up like this one (Cappucino).  I wish they had done better.  This is such a cheerful flower.

My Perovskia (Russian sage) is still putting out a few blooms.

My Agastache are starting to fade except for this one (var pinkus toolazytocheckmynotus)

I have a large area on the side of my house that doesn't have first floor windows.  So I went out and picked out a white blooming, pannicula type Hydrangea that gets to be between 8 and 10 foot tall.  Hmmm....  Think it might have been labeled wrong?

And lastly the star of the October garden - Aster October Skies.  Every fall I think I need more of these and the rest of the year I think about how large it gets and how it's only spectacular for a short period of time and...

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Garden for this meme.


  1. Beautiful post! I bet the red Scabiosa-like plant is Knautia macedonica...if it topped out at 18" or so, might be 'Mars Midget'. Knautias are great long-bloomers...may be short-lived. I've had them the past 2 years, however, and they've returned faithfully and performed amazingly all summer!

  2. Lovely flowers, can't help with the mystery plant. Happy GBBD.