Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Weeds and Wine

Sunlight is at a premium in my neighborhood.  Specifically, enough sunlight to grow a vegetable garden.  Most of the houses have mature trees that make for pleasant yards but not so great for high-light requiring veggies.  

My next door neighbor does have a raised bed that gets a lot of light.  They aren't gardeners - this was put in by previous homeowners.  It has laid fallow (a term that means full of mint and weeds) for years.  This year several of us who don't have much veggie garden space asked to use this patch of land.

Here it is.  The Community Garden.

We're mostly growing tomatoes this year.  We pulled out weeds and added cow manure and set up irrigation.

Since this is a community effort we agreed to weed on Wednesday nights.  This week I brought the wine.

We invited some supervisors.  The one on the left is Everyone Loves Ann.  The one on the right is Trouble.

This is The Mayor.

Many hands make light work.  And wine and good company makes the work fun.

And, now, because this is my blog and I can do what I want, a picture of the World's Cutest Cat.


  1. You make weeding sound like fun. I am jealous of your tomatoes. Expect a squirrel by express mail to arrive at your garden.

  2. This is brilliant. I love the Mayor and Everyone Loves Ann and Trouble. Here's a toast to your community tomatoes!

  3. What a wonderful idea to make use of a nice gardening spot and get to know the neighbors better.