Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Wishes

I wish...

There was an easy way to keep grass from creeping into my gardens.

There was an easy way to keep grass from growing in between the bricks lining my gardens.

There was an easy way to remove grass to make more gardens.

I had a larger yard so I would have room for more gardens.

That the pictures of some of my favorite plant groupings looked as good in on-line photos as they do in the morning light.

That I would have more times with little wind so that I could do more garden photography (the curse and blessing of living close to the coast).

That the weather would finally get warm.  Highs around 70s sound nice but I'd like to open the windows!

I wouldn't mind a longer bloom period on my Tanacetum coccineum. What a bloom!

And if I'm really going out on a limb I wish The Husband's job would get transferred to South West Florida so that we could buy a house within biking distance of Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.


  1. You are about to get one or your wishes. Hot is coming your way!

  2. last week we were in Darling. But the one in the Western Cape ;~)