Sunday, June 19, 2011

Visitors to The Edge

We had quite a few visitors to The Edge this weekend.  The Queen Bee and her Entourage came up for a visit.  She normally buzzes around the Experimental Garden down in zone 7 (North Carolina).  It's nice to have another gardener visit.  Not only can you get rid of pass along some plants but you also get a different perspective.  If you're like me you go out in the garden and see weeds, flowers that need deadheading, empty spaces that need filling, plants that are too big for their britches locations.  The Queen Bee saw wonderful color combinations, healthy plants and several plants she requested seeds from.  Oh, yeah, my garden does look pretty good, huh?

In the past couple of weeks we've been having to refill our bird feeders frequently.  I was thinking that it was the grackles and red-wing blackbirds so I adjusted the perches to reduce their ability to use the feeder.  Today I spotted another possible culprit.  She definitely enjoyed the seeds under the feeder and is too big to perch on the feeders but I wonder if she can hop up and knock seeds out by jostling the feeder.  She could empty a feeder pretty quick.

[sorry for the quality.  Pict taken through window]

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  1. Your garden is BEE-U-TI-FUL!. The plants you "gave" me are doing well. Cannot wait to see the seeds.