Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness

It's March and in my family that means the season of March Madness!

No, I'm not talking Basketball.  The OTHER March Madness.

It's AAALLLMMMOOOOSSSTTT gardening season!
But not quite.

March Madness rears it's ugly head when the weather report says chance of snow and THIS is the only snow you have left on your property after a long, snowy winter.

March Madness can result from a survey of damage done to shrubs by the heavy snowfall (poor Pieris)

March Madness occurs when things start popping up - is that a weed or is it a plant I want?  That will drive you mad!

And what happened to my metal signs?  This didn't happen last year.  I guess the road salt got on them.  Good thing I kept a map of what I put where, right?  Right?  Oh, I didn't?  Shit.

I think I will go Mad with anticipation that Garden Season will begin really, really soon.

Just not soon enough.

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  1. Map? Digital photos, where you label the plants ...