Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers (ALMOST) Bloom Day

I had really hoped that March would be the month I transition from posting houseplant blooms to posting outside blooms.  But not quite.  Instead it is the Almost Bloom Day.

Like this pansy who survived the winter under the snow that got plowed off the driveway.  Maybe next week.

The Pieris always seems to take forever.  It produces the buds in the fall, holds them all winter and then teases for several weeks before fully opening.

I thought Hellebores were supposed to bloom when there was still snow on the ground.  
This one sure didn't.  

Crocus are one of the first blooms but cloudy days means they won't open quite yet.

So we're back to inside plants.  My cyclamen have all faded so no good blooms there. 

My Meyer Lemon is in bud again.

Good thing I have my Anthurium.  But even that is getting ready to go into a pause, with the old blooms starting to fade and the new buds not yet ready to open.

We can have flowers every month of the year as long as it's not that week between winter and spring when everything is in bud.  Then we just have to go through March Madness.


  1. There's alot of hope and promise yet to come in your garden. :)

  2. Spring is coming...and when your flowers do begin to open you will have a big smile on your face.

  3. Spring is almost here and so are your blooms.

  4. Your post just reminded me I forgot about my Pieris.

  5. Ah, but see, when you're enjoying crisp fall weather in September, we in Central Texas will be dying of heatstroke and drought! Happy Almost Bloom Day--spring is nigh!

  6. Hi i am new here. I like your March madness thing! When you are all excited for the blooms to open fully because it is just the beginning of your spring in temperate countries, we here in the tropics are starting our dry season. We only have 2 seasons, by the way. So this is the real March Madness we are approaching, i should borrow your term. Madness because it will be too hot, too humid and too dry around. Some soil cracks and skies are so clear, and yes...March madness! haha.

  7. Ah, but you're so close, isn't the anticipation sometimes the best thing? Happy Bloom day!