Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Garden Work Day of 2011!!!!

I was able to get out in the garden today for the first work day of the year.

The snow is mostly gone.

Bulbs are starting to pop up.

I always leave my perennials and grasses over the winter.  Today is one of the reasons why I do this.  After a long, snowy winter I want to get in the garden and work but here in New England we start Spring with Mud Season.  The ground is saturated from the melting snow.  So I can scratch that gardening itch by cutting back the dead plant matter.

Like grasses

And Aster October Skies

See the new Aster October Skies peeking up?  
Good thing I removed last year's growth before this got too big!

But I still have a ways to go. 

Three days till Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  Will I have any outside blooms?

These overwintered pansies don't look ready to go yet.

Maybe this Hellebore

Most likely these crocus.
Hurray for crocus!

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