Sunday, October 11, 2009

Say it isn't so!

I got up this morning and looked out the windows and saw... FROST on my neighbors roofs. NOOOOO!!!! Winter is not my favorite season (in fact it comes in dead last) and frost really brings it home that winter is on its way.

Fortunately the last of my basil was in a sheltered spot and was protected from the frost so I harvested it today. I haven't decided if I'll make it into pesto and freeze that or just freeze it as whole leaves. The down side to freezing pesto is aesthetic - it turns black. But it still tastes good. My husband muttered bruschetta when he saw the days harvest so some of the basil may go to that.

I also picked tomatoes. These late season tomatoes aren't in the best shape. Many of them split after the last big rain. Still, they are garden fresh tomatoes and they may be the last ones of the season.

I got a bunch of bulbs in the ground. I'm still waiting on my order from Brent and Becky (due to ship later this week, they'll probably arrive about the same time the temperature is predicted to drop significantly. At least I'm not in Colorado, though!).

Just as I was wrapping up yard work I noticed some of my pots have started to line up by the bulk head door. They like to winter in the basement. I'm glad to see they're empty. I need to pot up some bulbs for forcing to get me through the winter. And they thought they'd get to rest all winter. Wrong. I need some type of gardening to get me through the winter.

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