Friday, October 23, 2009

Random Fall Thoughts

Hunting season is now open. Got to remember to wear the blaze orange when I'm out in the woods.

Fall color is at it's peak in my area but it's past peak just a few miles inland. It's amazing how much of an affect being close to the ocean has on the local climate.

The number of garter snakes in the yard is declining (I think I saw about half a dozen different individuals when the in season female was hanging around) but the dogs found one today. [It managed to get out of the fence alive and unharmed.] Garter snakes are pretty tough. It's only in the mid 40s today.

Got to remember to water the houseplants more often now that the inside air is so dry. I wonder if The Husband would notice if I set up a humidifier in my plant room to help with the spider mite problem.

The wood the previous homeowner left us looks well seasoned. I don't think we'll use this in our fireplace this winter.

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