Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Photo Essay

Between the fall colors and the frost in the mornings I've been enjoying the views in the garden this week. There's still a lot of work to be done - putting away the vegetable garden, mowing, the perpetual weeding and mulching, bringing in lawn furniture for the winter. Fortunately we're having a warm spell and after spending Tuesday getting over 200 bulbs in the ground I've still got time to do a few more chores this week. Of course that gives me a good reason to procrastinate on the job hunting chores and the winter clothes shopping (new climate, new wardrobe, not as much fun as it sounds). So for today, let's just enjoy.

I really enjoyed my image of the frost covered zinnia from last week. The zinnias are fading fast. I guess it's probably time to pull them out so I don't end up weeding thousands of zinnias next spring.

Just a hint of frost on this parsley

Frost on oregano. Interestingly Blogger insists on changing the orientation of this picture each time I upload it. Sorry if it publishes sideways. It's still a nice image.

Mountain Mint with a light dusting of frost

Liatris Kobold - I've been very happy with this variety, it managed to stay mostly upright without supports, something I have had a problem with in other varieties

Frost on a Dianthus (I forgot to note which one, I have several growing in my 'Hell Strip')

These tomatoes probably froze this past week. I think the patterning that resulted is interesting.

Spirea Magic Carpet

The faded blooms on Sedum Autumn Fire

Lemon Grass showing the beginnings of fall color - this is a great grass to grow in pots

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