Thursday, May 21, 2015

New Toy

I had a busy and challenging semester this past spring so The Husband bought me a new toy. A macro lens for my camera. It's the Venus (Laowa Lens) V-DX 60 mm F2.8, 2:1 super macro lens.

In laymens' terms - it takes pictures of tiny things very close up.

Like ants eating a nut.

Not close enough? How about this..

It was windy today (as usual) so I took the lens into the woods to take close ups of some native plants.

Fiddlehead, up close

Jack in the Pulpit

Solomon's seal

The thing is, when you are close enough to the ground to take pictures this up close and personal you notice other things, too.

Like a tiny spider hiding among the blooms on the Solomon's seal (the black dot is caterpillar frass!)

And the fly that keeps landing on the fiddlehead near the one I'm photographing.

And the wasp (I think) with bright red "thighs."

I wish I'd taken entomology when I was in college. Or that an entomology class was offered at a university near me at a time I could attend the class (the only one I've found near by meets at the same time as our weekly faculty meetings - I'd much rather take the class!).

For you, dear reader, this will (hopefully) mean more and better photographs.

If I can muster enough patience to wait out the sea breezes.


  1. Oh yes, your new lense is fantastic. Things you cannot see with you eyes. Keep the pictures coming.

  2. What a wonderful present.....ants do so much for native plants.