Sunday, October 26, 2014

Leaf Management

Saturday dawned sunny and warm (for this time of year) so we dedicated the afternoon to Leaf Management.

Earlier in the week we had a wicked nor'easter that brought over 3 inches of rain, lots of wind, flooded roads, downed trees and about half of the trees are now bare of leaves.

Our deck, driveway and lawn were all covered.

So The Husband pulled out the ladder and cleaned the first floor gutters and I swept the deck and driveway.

That's right. Swept. I'm sure my testosterone laden neighbor would have let me borrow his leaf blower but I prefer sweeping. It's less noisy, less polluting and I get a work out. Plus I can actually TALK to neighbors walking by or working in their yard rather than pissing them off. [side note to mom - a leaf blower makes sense for some situations, like your gravel driveway, but not so much for my paved driveway]

Afterwards we mowed the grass to compost the leaves in place.

The leaves I sweep up go in compost bins, the leaves in the beds get left there for winter insulation and free compost and the leaves on the lawn become free lawn food. Win-win-win.

[Yes, that's my dog's tail end in the last photo. During this time of year she blends with the leaves except when she's walking away from us.]

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