Monday, October 27, 2014


Whenever I go to the Big Box Warehouse store I wander through their display of houseplants. Ninety percent of the time they have the same old same old. Of course some of these same old same olds re old reliable and occasionally they are on sale because they need to be watered (seriously, a lot of the plants on their sale rack just need a good watering!).

And once in a blue moon there is something unusual and special. Like my Rhipsalis or my curly leafed spider plant.

This weekend I was looking and found a cute plant that was less than $5 (it's small). So I gave in to temptation and picked it up. I have a shelving unit in my office that is full of small plants there were less than $5. For some reason I think I can always squeeze in just one more...

Uh. Maybe not.

This trip The Husband was with me and he pointed to a bottom shelf and said "it's been a while since you bought an Anthurium."

Not any more.

He's started to enable my addiction. Is there a support group for Anthurium addicts? How about house plant addicts? Mr. Subjunctive, can we form a support group? Actually if we did that we're probably both end up with even MORE plants.

I did put a light in the basement this winter for plants. 

I think I'm in trouble.

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  1. I swear I left a comment here on Monday (something about adding lights in my basement, and intending to move some of the seedlings up to 6" pots), though I wasn't sure it had gone through at the time, and apparently it didn't.