Monday, August 25, 2014

View of a Garden, from the BATHROOM?

Many thoughtful garden planners consider the view from inside when planning their garden. I want to make sure that my windows aren't blocked by overly tall plants, for example.

Except the downstairs bathroom where this is the view.

Isn't that a great view? Better yet, we can leave the window open and not have to worry about anyone seeing anything they shouldn't. The only 'peeping toms' we get are the occasional sparrow and more than occasionally insect life. 

Am I the only nutter who looks for invertebrates while seated in the bathroom? Actually I kind of hope that's not a common thing cause if it is, and you're view isn't like mine...

Our upstairs window is actually inside the shower. We had heavily frosted glass put in for privacy but if I open the TOP half of the window and stand on my toes I can look down into my backyard [What else am I going to do while the conditioner is working it's magic?]

and I see that The Husband left tools outside.


And I can watch the hummingbirds fight over the feeder.

And I can monitor the progress of Dutch Elm Disease on the large, gorgeous Elm tree out back. So far it's showing only a few signs but I've been told it's about the right age to start failing and it has dropped a lot of limbs... When we decide it's a hazard to the house and have to take it down it's going to really increase the amount of sun in our backyard. 

I'm actually keeping that in mind when I choose plantings.

Right behind the Elm (and invisible) is a sapling shag bark hickory. I want to bring the elm down early enough to let it grow into the gap in the tree line. Everything else in the tree line seems to be what the locals call "trash maples" (I think they're silver maples). If only it was easy to transplant largish trees so I could CHOOSE my semi-mature trees...

Yes, I am obsessed with my garden, what gave it away?

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