Friday, August 29, 2014

Favorite Plant in the Garden this Week - Gaura

One of my all-summer long favorite plants is Gaura lindheimeri.

The "white" flowered Gaura (which still has some pink, especially in the buds) is the hardiest and largest variety, growing to 3 foot tall and hardy up to zone 5. Pink colored varieties can sometimes be shorter both in height and in lifespan but often have more colorful foliage.

Gaura are drought hardy, derived from plants that are native to Texas, but unlike some drought hardy plants they can tolerate more frequent rains.

Gaura will self seed in your garden but have shallow root systems and are easy to remove if they show up where you don't want them. They are also easy to move, but they will wilt horribly at first. They will also cross breed with each other. Most of my volunteers come up white. I'm not sure if that means that white is the dominant color or if they're just more prolific.

Best of all these plants bloom from mid-summer through killing frost AND the pollinators like them.

Thanks to Danger Garden for this meme.

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  1. I love this flowers but the pink does not love my garden, but the white variety does and has moved around a bit so now I have a couple of patches.