Monday, April 16, 2012


About once a year I undertake a Pilgrimage to a Holy Site for Keepers of the Sacred House Plants.

Otherwise known as Logee's Greenhouses.

Logee's does have a mail order catalog for tender plants but it's location in Connecticut is open to supplicants the public.  This facility is an adventure to visit.  The isles are narrow.

Stock plants fill the spaces and sometimes grow right out of their pots.

And occasionally they fall across the isles - TIMBER!

While I did buy a few houseplants (to be posted soon) Logee's has quite a few plants that just get too big for the average house.  Plants I would love to have if I only had a heated greenhouse or a tropical garden.

Like this Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys).  It really is bright turquoise!

This Vinus ican'tfinditintheircatalogus

Lemons - YUM! And lots of  figs, oranges, bananas and other edibles not pictured.

And coffee!  Some processing required.

Of course even the Holiest of Holy sites has problems.  Usually wars and violence.  This one?  A typo on the sign.

It's nice that gardeners don't fight over the plants.  Much.

Did you find the typo?  Apparently the foliage burns in freezing wings.  So don't throw chicken straight from the freezer on to this plant - let it thaw first!

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