Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Frienebloggers? Frinebrities?

Last weekend there were tornadoes in Iowa.  My first thought was The Husband's family (they're fine) but my second thought was Mr. Subjunctive of Plants Are The Strangest People blog.  I follow Mr. Subjunctive's blog - he's often funny (look at his post on Plants you'll want to grow for the Zombie Apocalypse for example) and very informative.

We've commented on each others blogs and even emailed a time or two but we're not friends.  Not really.  I couldn't call him in the middle of the night if I got arrested during a drunken gardening adventure.

That's my definition of friend.  (of course, if I was in Iowa I might be able to talk him into joining me on a drunken gardening adventure after which we could definitely call each other friends).

[What?  You never have drunken gardening adventures?  You are really missing out on some good times!]

There are also people that I follow on twitter that I have never emailed or tweeted back.  I feel like I know them a little but again, not a friend.

So what do we call these people?  People we share something with, people we would be upset if something horrible happened to them but not people we would help when it came time to bury the body.



Celebrities?  Is following someone's twitter feed a bit like reading about them in a gossip magazine?

Stalkees?  [but officer he WANTS to be stalked - check out how often he posts on his blog!]

I think we need a new word.  Frienebrities?  Blogquantences?

I propose we just call them all....  George.

There.  That won't be confusing at all.

And just for reading all that non-gardening stuff - a pretty plant picture.

This was a walkaway at Logee's.  Way too big for my house.


  1. I really don't want to be stalked, actually, I swear.

    As far as it goes, you probably could call me in the middle of the night if you got arrested during a drunken gardening venture, actually, but 1) you'd have to explain to me who you were and why you were calling and 2) it's hard for me to think of any way in which that could be helpful to you.

    I think the real-world relationship that most closely captures my feelings toward/about other bloggers is that of "co-worker." Some workplace friendships continue outside of the workplace, some don't, and then there are the people you technically work with but they're in another department or something so you never actually talk to them, though they seem like nice enough people.

    So I'd vote for "co-blogger," or something along those lines. "Blogcquaintances," if it has to be an entirely new word.

  2. I'd rather call you George, since you've stolen my name ;~) Nell Jean says her husband calls us her imaginary friends. I'd go with virtual friends or efriends. Myself, I'm just a commonorgarden blogger.