Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interesting Anthurium Event

A few days ago Mr Subjunctive over at PATSP posted a picture of an Anthurium that he had tried to cross pollinate and he was hoping he was seeing seed formation.

Last night I noticed something odd on my Anthurium.

I think those are seeds.

[They look kind of, well, gross.  If these were on an animal I'd be calling the vet.  They're on a plant so I should be calling.... um...  the plant doctor?]

I did NOT cross pollinate.  In fact I only have the one Anthruium.  I like it.  It's a nice plant.  I wouldn't mind more IF I HAD ANYWHERE TO PUT EXTRA PLANTS. 

So what do I do with the seeds?  Do I cut the flower off and send them to the compost bin?  Do I wait for them to ripen and try to start them?  And then do what with the seedlings?  I'm running out of room for new plants.

If only I had a conservatory.  I can picture it now - an addition on the second story (over the first floor addition someone put in a while back).  Windows on three sides - East, South and West.  Skylights that open to let the heat out during summer.  Tile floors to trap the heat during the winter.  And more than a few plants.  Ahhhh.  

Now I just have to convince The Husband that this would be a good expense.  

I bet he'll expect up to complete the bathroom remodel first.

Spoil sport.

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  1. I don't think seeds would transport well. I'm not positive, but I think I remember reading somewhere that Anthurium seeds lose potency really, really fast. You really don't have room for a Saran-covered clear glass half-filled with moist vermiculite?