Friday, April 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

It's already time for the April Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  I rushed out last night just before sunset to get some pictures.  In the evening breeze.  As it started to cool down.  While still wearing my t-shirt and bare feet.  You know I love you if I'm outside, getting cold, just to take your pictures.  

Most people are over crocus but up here they're in full swing.

These have already closed up for the night.



Pansies.  I crave color right about now and if the summer is cool these plants will survive to bloom in the fall and again next spring.  It's the summer heat that kills them.  These pansies were planted last spring.

Cute little dwarf iris.  These don't last long but they're a great pick-you-up-plant in the early spring.

I'm disappointed with the Hellebore.  It just started to bloom this week.  I thought they were supposed to bloom late winter.  Now it's delicate blooms get lost among the bright colors of the early spring blooms. 

Like this almost-but-not-quite daffodil (variety bigboxus).

I have several types of Pieris.  These are getting moved this spring.  They are just too big for the spot.

This is one of the end of the season sale plants I picked up last year.  Pieris Valley Valentine.  I guess I should have expected pink flowers with a name like that.

HUH?  I recently upgraded the lighting where I keep my African Violets.  I have a lot.  I don't buy them but I will pick up leaves off the floor or rescue plants someone else is throwing out.  I didn't know I had a ruffly-white-with-pink blooming plant.  Not really my style.  I prefer bolder colors.

Did I mention I went overboard with the Pansies? 


  1. it is so nice not to see snow in the Garden on the Edge.

  2. Let me know how the transplanting of the Pieris does.

  3. Easy to go over on pansies....mine self seed and are everywhere. they make fantastic fillers where you need a little pop of color! xoox, tracie

  4. I understand. I was out in my jammies with a parka and uggs just to photograph the garden decorated with April snow. Who cares what the neighbors think!