Sunday, February 20, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

I took my Houseplant Bloggers Bloom Day Pictures on the 14th last week.  On the morning of the 15th, as I was rushing out the door, I noticed that my Meyer's Lemon buds had finally opened.  Right on time but a bit too late for me to post.  So here it is.

[I'm never very happy when I have to use my flash]

I don't think I'll let it go to fruit.  The plant is less than one year old (in my house and I bought it in a 3 inch pot so it really is quite young) and needs to do a bit of growing.  I'd rather it put it's energy there.  Plus I don't think the stem could support one (or more) full sized lemons.  If it sets fruit I'll just prune them off.  Maybe after a summer outside it will be ready.
The Husband is developing Late Winter Fever.  It's been a long hard winter and he is anxious for the snow to melt.  So he's been shoveling patches down to the ground.  His idea is that sunlight hitting the dark surface of mulch or grass will cause the surrounding area of snow to melt faster.  I'm trying to convince him to remove snow from the corner of the driveway where I can't see when I'm backing out. 

I haven't told him that I'm planning to pile snow up on top of my Mexican feather grass to provide better insulation this week.  It's only borderline hardy here and the winter has been really harsh so I'm expecting to loose it.  But I'll try keeping it covered for a bit longer.
I'm suffering from Late Winter Blues (it doesn't help that The Queen Bee has had temperatures in the 60s and 70s - she lives just up the road a piece from where I used to live).  Like The Husband I am sick of snow and cold and being stuck indoors.  So I pulled out my catalogs and ordered some plants from Bluestone Perennials.  The first bed to go in this year will be on the Mad Side of the house where I'm planning to put in a shade bed.  So I ordered some Wood Fern and several types of Astilbe.  I have a few heuchera in the area as well, to go under the office window.  Once we get the snow pack down some more I'll have to walk around and look and see if I really do have enough space for everything I ordered (or more space that I'll be able to fill!).  I'm going on memory and at this time of the year that's just not reliable.  

I thought I had taken notes (and photos) of every part of the garden I'd need to look at when it came time for ordering but I guess not.  Oh well, if it's too much I'll have to put some around back when I want to put in some Hostas.  Large, blue leaved Hostas.  I'm hoping to find them at an LGC this year.

Tomorrow I hope to take photos of our New England Crop Circle.  Stay tuned!

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