Monday, February 21, 2011

Crop Circle

Over much of North America at this time of year there are very few crops planted.  Certainly none around here.  So the local Crop Circle Aliens (the CCA) have to find something else to do.  And they do it in my yard.

They make a crop circle in the snow.

We moved to The Edge two years ago and each year in late winter we have noticed that the snow cover melts first in this particular spot.  This isn't caused by the dogs and it's not a spot where the sun hits longer than other areas.

During summer the grass here does poorly.  You can also see that the ground is not the same level as the surrounding ground.  It's subtle but it is a small depression.

Last summer I put down a layer of mulch and spread fresh grass seed.  

This winter?  Crop Circle.

I wonder if the ground is depressed because the CCA have their secret lair under there?  That might also explain why grass does so poorly.  They have an elaborate structure to store and repair their flying saucers!

I'm going to have to haul out the night vision binoculars and start a vigil to confirm this hypothesis.

I wonder what they look like?

No, silly, that's a cedar waxwing - they've invaded this week and are feasting on holly berries.

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