Sunday, August 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

My Garden is at it's late summer peak.  I plant a lot of pollinator friendly plants.  So many that The Husband says the garden purrs when he's walking to the train in the morning.  I like the imagery.  How many pollinators can you spot in the following pictures?

Let's start with my Agastache Area.

I have at least five different types of Agastache planted here.

Right next to the Agastache Area is a collection of Russian Sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia).

For something completely different.  Also in the Mad Garden is Rudbeckia Row.  I have three types of Rudbeckia, some Coreopsis (not shown), Ratibida, Helenium.  This is a big swatch of Red, Yellow and Orange.
Rudbeckia hirta Cappucino

Rudbeckia hirta Solar Eclipse

Rudbeckia hirta Prairie Sun

Helenium Mardi Gras

Ratibida pinnata

I moved this Red Hot Poker Nancy's Red (Kniphofia) to the sunny Rudbeckia Row this spring.  Not quite in bloom yet but soon!

In The Hell Strip I have my wonderful Mt. Mint (Pycnanthemum virginianum).

I also have (OH NO!) Sedum matronum Autumn Fire starting to bloom.  OH NO this is a sure sign that fall is coming all too soon.  And after that winter.  The indoor gardening season.  Which, sorry to say, I just don't enjoy as much as being outside in the garden.

Here's another nice vignette with a Hyssop and Coreopsis Zagreb.

And another focal plane.

And another focal plane.

Several of my plants have put out a second bloom.  Not as good as the first but this Centaura montana looks neat with the morning dew on it's leaves.

In the herb garden (which is mixed in with the other plants) my oregano is full of blooms.  I mean FULL.  I couldn't harvest this right now if I wanted to!

The Garlic Chives are making a good showing.  These are slightly purple.  I've only had white ones before.  Not sure if this is a different variety or if the soil here is causing the color.

Often forgotten on Bloom Day are the grasses.  My Panicum virgatum are all blooming nicely.  I was lucky that the winds were down so I could actually get a photo this morning.  

Not shown include so much that it's hard to remember them all.  Let's see... Gaura, Scabiosa, Buddleia are all in full bloom.  Lots of plants that put out a good bloom earlier are putting out one or two blooms for a second bloom period. Like several Salvias (nemorsa types), some of the spring Coreopsis, my holly bushes...  And that doesn't include the Zinnias and Cosmos in the Annual Corner!

So, how many bees did you spot?

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for this meme!


  1. I love coreopsis 'Zagreb' in the garden. It always looks so tidy in comparison to other varieties. Packs a punch in color too. It makes a nice pairing with the Hyssop in your garden. I liked your husband's comment about the garden purring. How true.

  2. Your first three photos and the Coreopsis with Hyssops send me over the edge! Gorgeous... light and airy. Love the mountain mint too. ;>)

  3. aloha,

    you have some beautiful blooms despite the heat, they all love the hot there and seem to thrive.
    it is scary sign to see the sedum starting so early already :)

  4. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Love your hyssop, I always recommend it when gardeners say they aren't getting enough bees. Even now, mine's pretty much done and all going to seed, but the bees are still out there.