Tuesday, August 31, 2010


About a week ago I notice a lot of noise coming from the street tree in front of our house.  I recognized that sound.  Baby birds.  After a couple of tries I found the nest - robins!  It's kind of late in the year (in New England) for nesting.  This must be a second nest for the robins.

This morning while sitting at my desk I heard a "plop."  I looked out the window to see this...

[Sorry for the picture quality - I took it through the window screen. ] It's a fledgling robin!  Note the stubby tail and the gape flanges (the yellow area at the corner of the beak).  These are characteristic of fledgling birds.  If you see one of these LEAVE IT ALONE!

This guy can't fly yet, he needs to build up his flight muscles and learn how to use them.  So I'll leave him and his sibling(s) alone.  I guess I'll skip my morning trip through the garden to give them time to find safe hiding places in the bushes.  

Good luck little guy!

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