Sunday, March 14, 2010

Zone Envy

It's that time of year again when those of us living in colder climates are subject to Zone Envy (as opposed to winter when we're subject to Zone Envy and late fall when we're subject to Zone Envy).  I've been watching bloggers in other parts of the country celebrating Spring and the new flowers and growth.  Me?  I had to get my daffodils at the grocery store.

After a long and dreary weekend with lots of rain and wind (and a head cold for me, actually good timing for a change, if any time is a good time for a cold and my excuse for not posting for a while) we're expecting warmer weather so I'll finally get a chance to go out into the garden  and cut back the dead top growth on last years perennials.  I already set out my pots of Rosemary that I overwintered - one in the garage and one in the house.  I have NOT set out my Pineapple Sage (Salvia elegans) that I forced into dormancy in the basement; it is coming back nicely.  Maybe I'll be able to pick up some Pansies this week, too.  The ones that survived the winter have buds on them!  Soon, soon, soon!

I had hoped to get outdoor blooms for tomorrow's Garden Blogger Bloom Day but I think this weekend's storm canceled that, everything stayed in bud.  Maybe later this week  And my new Spring Cactus (Rhipsalidopsis should'veboughttheonealreadyinbloomis) is also holding out, not going to bloom for me until after GBBD. 

March.  Such a cruel month.  I'm so ready for spring.  Maybe I don't have a head cold.  Maybe Spring Envy causes head congestion...

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