Sunday, November 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

It's that day again. The day that Carol from May Dreams Garden has designated as Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Like many Northern Gardeners I had to work to come up with flower photos for this month. Many of these blooms are the last blooms on the plant. I also threw in some foliage and berry pictures to round things out. Next month? Pansies and houseplants maybe. If you want good winter flower shots you'll need to check out the Texas Garden Bloggers (such as From my Corner of Katy, and Digging and East Side Patch, there are a lot of Garden Bloggers in Texas), Texas is just entering their big garden season. I'm so jealous.

Scabiosa Butterfly Blue. Now that I think about it this plant will probably be blooming next month unless it's covered in snow. Back in North Carolina this plant blooms all year round so even though it was short lived (~ 3 years) I kept buying more

Salvia elegans (pineapple sage) - one of the last blooms left after the last frost

Penstemon Mystica

Panises by the Door. This is a tight spot with only a little dirt but the pansies fit well and cheer the area up nicely

Physiocarpis (Ninebark) Copertina

Hydrangea previoushomeownerii - this plant is going to be pulled out next year. It is wayyyyy too close to the house and it only produced TWO flowers this year.

Ilex Blue Something flowers (and Blogger insists on posting it sideways, sorry)

Ilex Blue Something Berries - No, it's not really called Blue Something but it is in the group that includes Blue Girl and Blue Princess and others and, since it came with the house, I'm not sure which one it really is

Gaura Whirling Butterflies - this one has a nice long bloom period

Coreopsis Heaven's Gate

Azalea Mother's Day and Parsley

Aster (Symphotrichium) oblongifolis October Skies

Abelia X Silver Anniversary


  1. Diana,

    You have many more flowers in your MA. garden than I have here in my CT garden. Your Abelia looks so fresh still. Mine were a bit disappointing this year - nice shiny leaves but not many flowers. Your unusually named hydrangea put a smile on my face. I may have to use that for some of the shrubs I have in my garden too.

    Happy Bloom Day!

  2. Lots of lovely blooms still growing in your garden! The pineapple sage has become a favorite this year, but mine got zapped by the frost a few weeks ago. Interesting to see your coreopsis--I always wanted a "Heaven's Gate," but I was afraid it wouldn't survive in my zone 5 garden. What zone are you? I've been admiring my dried hydrangea blooms this fall; yours is a variety new to me, lol:) Maybe you can move it to a place where it has room to grow. Nice to meet you, and happy Bloom Day!

  3. Diana,

    I'm with you regarding scabiosa - it's one of my must-haves and even though I did not add it to my GBBD post, mine are also still blooming. Frost had definitely been more severe here in south-central Connecticut. My hydrangea is now completely brown, and it's in a protected area, plus my cosmos and asters are done.

  4. Love the look of that partly browned hydrangea. Hope you can save it elsewhere.

  5. Hi Diana, this is the first visit to the edge, first I wondered what you ment with Garden on the Edge, but now I know. Great blog and nice post with lots of lovely blooms.


  6. Love your writing about your commute. You have adjusted to city life but you are still country.
    md in Hillsborough