Thursday, July 16, 2009

GBBD - 1 day late

The 15th of each month is Garden Blogger's Bloom Day when Garden bloggers post what's blooming in their gardens. This was started by Carol at May Dreams - check out her posting at where she includes links to other participants.

Unfortunately I was unable to post on the 15th this month since it fell on a Wednesday (my busy volunteer day). So here's my posting, a day late.

I started off the pictures with a perennial bachelor's button, Centaura montana. This is the second bloom cycle for this perennial this year and it's just getting started. I don't have any experience growing Centaura sp but I like the unusual shape of its blooms and this is the year of experimentation. Of course I like experimenting in the garden.

Second off is a variation on a theme - Helenium Mardi Gras. I'm a sucker for plants that attract butterflies, as this one does, I love bright colors and lots of contrast - check and check. Helenium are usually easy to grow plants.

Here's the classic Shasta Daisy, Becky. I like the simplicity of these flowers (and the complexity of the Centaura - no one said I was consistant) and the fact that they attract pollinators. Of course now that's it's thriving I realize I put it in the wrong spot and plan to move it this fall. I have it by the road where I mostly have very low growing plants and I'm worried it will over take my thrift. Besides it looks kind of dorky between the thrift and the dianthus. I have a spot in mind for a new bed where I'll move this plant, add some Echinacea, Baptisia, some Iris and Lilies.

Next stop Coreopsis. I have a couple of coreopsis in the yard that are blooming right now including this variety, which is called Heaven's Gate (above). This is a taller coreopsis that is getting a little floppy. Fortunately it is next to a sturdy aster that is able to provide support. Other coreopsis that are blooming right now include Zagreb (a brighter yellow version of Moonbeam, see image right) and Nana (a Coreopsis auriculata variety).

This is my husband's favorite plant - Asclepias tuberosa. Commonly called butterfly weed. A bright, cheery orange flower this plant will also attract butterflies, especially Monarchs. Asclepias (and there are a few species in the garden industry) are in the milkweed family and Monarchs will stop by to lay their eggs. If you get an Asclepias you must be prepared to have it completely denuded of leaves in late summer. Don't worry it will come back and in the meantime you'll get to watch the stricking Monarch caterpillars grow and, if you're lucky, you'll be able to find some chrysalis. If you don't like orange there is a yellow variety of Asclepias tuberosa and there are white and pink colored Asclepias incanata (which is even more attractive to Monarchs).

My last image is of some screaming pink geraniums - yes they are that pink. Not a very usual plant but an usual color variation. I also like the funky shape of the pot, I found it on sale at a local garden center and knew I needed something strong to go in it. I think it works. If you like loud plants.

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