Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Problem with Snow

In case you've been living in a hole - Boston (just down the road from me) has had it's third snowiest winter on record this winter. And most of that has been in February. I've got about 4 feet of snow on the ground in my yard right now.

The bit of plant to the right is part of a four foot tall Pieris 

Even our fuzzy dog is tired of it. 

But what problem is this causing to my garden? It's causing a problem that I'll have to deal with in April and/or May.

I'm still getting new catalogs from mail order companies.

I've ordered too many plants.

Because of the snow I'm not getting out of the house as much as normal. So I'm stick inside, bored, and longing for some green. And I've got this great big stack of catalogs on my desk. 

Add to that the fact that my garden looks like this...

and I can't exactly go outside and look at the garden and notice where the empty spaces are or where I could possibly tuck in  a new plant. I think I've ordered about 2 or 3 plants for each space.

Oh, look. I haven't ordered anything from the new High Country Gardens catalog yet...


  1. I know the whole Boston/snow thing is bad, really I do, but I would really kind of love to have four feet of snow in the yard right now please don't hate me.

  2. we have had pour normal 8 ft here and I am sure we will get more before it is all over to i=hit our normal 12 ft....frigid here today and tomorrow....everything buried here under 4-6 ft of snow....crazy!

    I don't mind winter as this is normal, except we usually have a couple of warm ups to the 30s...rarely above 20 all winter and no thaws.