Monday, January 12, 2015


I have a bad history reproducing plants from seed. I can get the seeds started. They do all right at first.

As are these Anthuriums.

But then I try to transplant them into individual pots and something always seems to go wrong...

Do I water too much, too little? Am I cursed?

But I keep trying.

These are Eucomis seedlings. I bought a plant last in the summer for $5 and decided, what the heck. I'll try the seeds.

But hope spring eternal in the heart of the not-so-young gardener and I also gathered seeds from an unidentified annual (possibly an Amaranthus of some kind. I just haven't found a picture that quite matches -and the closest one I found was just labeled Amaranth).

I guess I'll keep trying but I'm much better at reproducing plants from cuttings!

Here is my annual winter propagation of Cuban Oregano. This is a plant I've had for years but it gets very leggy so I take cuttings during the winter every year to restart the plant.

And I have a few other plants that I have re-started when they get too leggy or too big.

And then, HERE is my pride and joy (as far as plants I have reproduced). I started this plant after I noticed a leaf in the hallway of my apartment building when I was in grad school. I walked past the leaf a couple of times before I picked it up and put it in soil - it was on the ground at least 24 hours before I "rescued" it.

I just don't understand how I am so good at reproducing plants from cuttings but so bad at starting seeds.

At least I can order already started plants of most things I want. Except for Tithonia. I  have a hard time finding that as a plant....

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