Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Favorite Plant of the Week AND Favorite Native Plant of the Month - Liatris Spicata

My favorite plant in the garden this week is Liatris spicata. The variety I bought years ago is Kobold.

The first  year or two it was a bit leggy and floppy but it's become a nice thick, strong clump.

It does spread in the garden but the seedlings are easy to remove if you catch them early.

And the native pollinators love it.

Zones: 3 to 8
Height: In my yard it's 2 to 3 feet (taller than the label claims)
Spread: about 1 foot, although if it reseeds right by the parent plant you can end up with a cluster of plants wider than this
Sun: Full to mostly full sun. In part shade they do tend to be floppier but they still bloom
Water: I don't water mine at all
Bloom period: July and August

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  1. I need to add some of these...I don't know why I haven't yet!

  2. Very pretty! Where I used to live in North Carolina I hardly ever saw Liatris, but up here in MA I see them in a lot of gardens, to great effect. I wintersowed some Liatris seeds this past year, and then recently planted some Liatris bulbs I found on clearance. So now I have a good amount of little plants, but no blooms just yet!