Friday, June 27, 2014

Favorite plant in the garden this week - Campanula Pink Octopus

My favorite plant this week is Campanula Pink Octopus (Bellflower).

Of course it is. Not only is Pink Octopus the best of the Bellflowers, but this week is cephalopod week! A week to celebrate all things cephalopod.

What are cephalopods? Cuttlefish, Nautilus, Squid and... OCTOPUS!

Photo from Wikimedia Commons by Nick Hobgood - a tool using octopus (it carries those shells around and uses them as shelter in case of predators)

[What? you didn't know I was a total biology geek?]

I bought Pink Octopus because I wanted a low growing, spreading plant for the corner of my yard. You can see it filled in nicely between the Buddleia and the Gaura. It spread a bit more aggressively than I would like...

So can I recommend this plant? Maybe. It's cute, low growing, but aggressive and, unlike most of my plant choices, doesn't seem attractive to pollinators. Still, I like it. And what other plant works for cephalopod week?

thanks to Danger Garden for this meme

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