Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mystery Science Theater 2013 - April edition

Today I present series of garden mysteries to ponder.

Mystery 1:  what IS this?  A cocoon?  A chrysalis?  A leaf folded over and sealed to protect someone from winter's chill?

I noticed this when the shrub dogwood lost it's leaves.  All winter I thought it was a couple of leaves that had somehow wrapped around the stem.  Today it was [finally] warm enough to investigate.

What could be/have been inside?  I think I need to wander over to BugGuide and see if anyone there can ID this...  And/or I really need to take an entomology course...

Mystery B:  I actually have a good idea what this might be.

Some caterpillar crawled into my Spirea and formed a chrysalis.  This is what's left.  See that row of dots?  I'm thinking Monarch.  I certainly have their caterpillars on my Asclepia tuberosa during the summer.

Mystery 3:  Where did the snakes go?  Yesterday when I went into the garden I could hardly move for snakes (I think I spotted 7 or 8 individuals).  Today?  One.  I guess they all left the hibernaculum where they spent the winter and headed into the woods.  Good luck, snakes, see you all in the fall!

Last mystery of the day:  WHY does it have to get colder again tomorrow?  WHY can't it stay nice and warm and sunny all through the rest of spring and into summer?  WHY do I have to live in frigid, arctic New England?  [oh, yeah, that last one is because of The Husband's career.  Maybe he needs a new career.  Or I need a new Husband...  Hey, Mr. Subjunctive, want to move to Florida with me?  ;)]

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  1. I'd probably rather move to New England, actually. I like winter and snow and all that.