Monday, July 23, 2012

Back from an Adventure

I believe in living life on the Edge, moving outside my Comfort Zone and doing things that most people would never be brave enough to try.  This summer it was a trip to Thailand.  Oh, I have stories to tell and even photos of gardens to post but I'm still very, very jet lagged so I'm posting some highlight photos.  Yes, that is me and yes, those are Asian Elephants.  I'll tell the story of what I was doing later this week.  But for now, I'm showing off. 

First day of meeting elephants.  I forgot to write down this one's name.

 This is the "baby," her name is Am

 We did a vet check on this girl, her name (spelled phonetically) is Poon - Lau

 I got to take her temperature.  I'm not sure which of us was more thrilled.

 At the Research Center - we were testing how elephants think about the world

 Poon- Lau again.  One perk of working with elephants is getting the chance to ride one.

 The Mahout stayed close by so I got to relax and enjoy myself and not worry about controlling the elephant

 We rode the elephants to the pond for their daily bath

 I got soaked

This is the big male, Pooky

 A smaller male, Pepsi

 The females can have small tusks, called Tushies
This is Thangmo


  1. Good thing you can swim. What a thrill!

  2. Wow that is so awesome! Can't wait to see more pictures and read about your trip.