Tuesday, March 20, 2012

And now for something completely different...

The weather has turned shockingly balmy lately so I got the gardening itch.  It's too early to do much in the garden so I pulled the pots out of the basement and went looking for pansies.

New Englanders seem to think it's still too early for pansies (while I know they can survive the winters up here and bloom early in the spring IF you can find them in the fall - it's heat that kills them).  I found a few pansies at a Big Box Retailer. 

But I also saw something different.

"Heathers" [Erica sp]

I've seen these for sale every spring but I've never picked them up.  This year I've noticed them in at least two yards.  Blooming.  Already.

So I decided to put them in the pots for spring color.  I'll move them into the ground later in the year.

Real Gardeners are willing to try something completely different.

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