Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Weeds and Wine

We had our first meeting of the Wednesday Weeds and Wine Women last week - the idea was to plan this year's garden. Our current area is roughly 16 x 16.  You'd think that would be plenty of room.  I guess it depends on what you want to grow.  As expected our meeting produced a list of wants that would feed all of our families for years.  Of course it would require a massive expansion of the garden area...  I guess we should have held off on the wine.

[yeah, like holding off on the wine every slows down a group of enthusiastic gardeners who've been stuck inside all winter]

We passed around a seed catalog and I have a list of plants to research and order.  Bush beans, 2 kinds, Pole beans, 2 kinds, spinach, 3 types of beats, carrots, arugula, and a hopefully slow bolting cilantro.  That doesn't include the tomatoes and lettuce that we'll buy locally or any of the basil or other herbs we're planning.  Hmmm.   Think we're going overboard?  

Think we'll have leftover seeds?  

[Anyone want any leftover seeds?]

Did I mention that one of our members has about 120 garlic plants in her yard that she's planning to share (if we'll help her with the weeding and harvesting)?

[Me?  I just want home grown tomatoes and organic basil all summer long.  Everything else I can get at a local farm stand - we have excellent farms stands around here.  Well, maybe a few other herbs, too...  And maybe....  See, we all get carried away!]

The area where we garden was abandoned for years so we still have plenty of weed seeds.  We'll need to pull these soon.  Then it'll be time to add compost and start planting the cool season crops.

Whew.  Winter is almost over!

And soon I will have chives for my potatoes.  Yum.

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  1. It's hard not to go overboard a little bit when planning the's the DOING that always bites you back ;-) I noticed my chives coming up too...yay!