Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moving Day

It's the end of the growing season here on The Edge of the Arctic Hinterlands and that means anything that needs to be moved will need to be moved now.

I'm not great at planning the garden.  I buy stuff, go "oh this will look good here" and then, a disturbingly short time later decided that it should be somewhere else.  It's too tall, too wide, or doesn't go with the other plants in the area.

So The Husband grabbed the shovel and we got moving.

This is a large clump of Shasta daisies (var overgrowusfastus).  It got too large in the first place I planted it.  Then I moved it and it got even larger and started to hide the Russian Sage (Perovskia).  I like the Russian Sage and want to be able to see it.  So I decided to move it again.   Now it's in the backyard with the shrubs.  I think it should be able to stand up to the dogs.

When I was first working on the garden I planted some grasses as temporary fillers.  These two clumps of Panicum virgatum (Heavy Metal) got to be moved because the plants in the area started to get big enough they didn't need the fillers.

Not shown are the dozen or so Gaura seedlings (some Whirling Butterflies, some Siskiyou Pink, some crosses).  I've transplanted them before and the same thing happens every time.  I don't get much root structure.  The green parts die back after transplanting but then, a few weeks later, new leaves start to appear from the roots.  I'm starting to see new green.  Even if they don't all survive most of the plants had seeds on them so the seeds will have a chance in this new area.

We didn't get to everything.  I have a Caryopteris (Dark Knight) that needs to get out from under the neighboring Buddleia but it's blooming.  So I'll make a note in my garden journal and move it in the spring.

Next project:  Bulbs!

I hope I didn't order too many.  ;)

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