Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Amazing Weeds

Yes, that's right.  I'm writing a blog post talking about how amazing weeds are.  Wanna make something of it, punk?  [it's really hard to type a good John Wayne impersonation -  you'll have to use your imagination and since I'm really bad at impersonations imagine Nathan Lane doing it.  {think The Birdcage}]

The Husband battles dandelions in the lawn.  Other weeds he ignores or tolerates but he constantly deadheads or removes dandelions (he can't walk past one without deadheading it).  Last week he dug some up in the back yard and tossed them onto the bulk head doors.  Where they lay on metal in the morning sun.  Baked dandelions, anyone?  But wait, look!

That's right.  They're still trying to bloom!  Talk about a tough little plant!  They've sucked all of the moisture out of the leaves and roots to support one last, desperate bloom!  How can you NOT be impressed?!  [can I use more exclamation points in one paragraph?!  I bet I can!]

This is a dying tree in my neighbor's yard.  Look at that tight crotch angle.  Look again - see that green?  That is a wild violet.  Somehow the seed blew up there, found enough rotting organic material in the crotch and grew.  I guess they don't need much to thrive.

Here's a "weed" growing in the crack of the sidewalk.  This Spiderwort (Tradescantia) has gotten to be good sized despite The Husband and other walkers stepping on it.  Don't you know if you step on a crack you could break your mother's back?  Don't worry, Queen Bee, I always step OVER the crack.  

Last up is not a weed but is still an impressive story of plant survival.  I have Sedum 'Angelica' growing in the Hell Strip Garden.  Some of it got torn off when the snow plows can by and came to rest about 5 feet away.  Ignore all of the little seedlings that I need to weed out of there and look at how well the Sedum is doing.  It's put down roots and decided to stay awhile.  Who am I to argue?

Now I need to get back outside on one of the first nice days I've had free this spring and, well, remove weeds.

I bet an hour from now I won't be so impressed with their ability to grow anywhere.

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