Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Plantaholics Anonymous

Welcome to this months Plantaholics Anonymous meeting.  Who brought the white Dicentra?  You know we're here to break our addictions!  See me after.  No, really, I have Penstemon Mystica to trade.

Tonight we are focusing on our First Step.  Recognizing that you have an Addiction.  How many of you have been to a garden center in the past week?  Really?  All of you?  OK, how many of you have dirt under your fingernails because you were working in your garden before this meeting?  Oh.  All of you.  We're not doing very well in overcoming this addiction, are we.

You might be a plant addict if you have rescheduled plans in order to go to a plant sale.
You might be a plant addict if you have called in sick to work in the garden.
You might be a plant addict if your budget is modified in the spring to include plant purchases.
You are definitely a plant addict if you consistently go over your plant purchasing budget.

Do your friends and loved ones miss you during the Spring Garden season, making comments about how they never get to see you anymore unless they join you at the garden center.

Do you know what's going on the wider world or have you skipped the news lately, only skimming the paper looking for garden sale announcements?

Do you speak fluent Gardeners Latin?  Ok, you there in the back, you need PROFESSIONAL help.  No, I'm not talking about a landscaper!

Sigh.  Maybe we should try and break these addictions during the winter, when we're not all busy in the garden.  Let's wrap this up.

So who brought plants to swap?


  1. Meeee me me me! I'll trade ya! ;D

  2. Watch what you say Michelle, I've driven further than Franklin in my search for plants!

  3. My name is Marilyn and I am a plantaholic.
    You hit very close to home. Must be some truth in the acorn theory.

  4. Just transferred an unhappy Rudbecia so Yes I have dirt under my nails. Glad I found your blog. I'm up for a trade or two.