Saturday, August 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

It's the 15th and that means it's Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. This is a tradition started by Carol at May Dreams Garden ( Garden Bloggers post images of what's blooming in their gardens. So without further ado here's some of what's in bloom in my zone 6 garden in the North Shore area, North of Boston.Pycnathium muticum, commonly called Mountain Mint. A nice native with an interesting bloom (those silver leaves are technically bracts but who's going to quibble) and attractive to pollinators.

Panicum virgatum I have several grasses around the yard, especially the native Panicum types. I love the architectural element they add to the garden.

Buddleia 'Nanho Blue' with butterfly (some type of Skipper, I haven't started identifying the local species yet but I'm starting to get lots of Skippers in the yard)

Coreopsis 'Heaven's Gate' - a fabulous color and a good butterfly attractor. A bit floppy, though. I have this one planted where it can lean against my 'October Skies' Aster

This Hydrangea came with the house. There are two bushes, right up against the foundation and combined they have produced 3 blooms. The color is nice but I'm not sure it's worth the effort to move them. I prefer H. paniculata or the lacecap varieties to this, probably 'Endless summer'

Echinacea 'Twilight' - I've had poor results with Echinacea in the past but new garden, new zone, it's worthy trying again.

Crocosimia, a bulb I bought at an end of season sale. Fabulous, prolific bloomer, definitely a keeper! Since I've been growing it in a pot I have to see if I can put it in the garden for the winter or if it needs to go in the basement.

My first Aster of the fall - Aster (Sympotrichium) oblongifolia 'October Skies'

Viola from big box store, planted way back in April, still going strong. It's been a cool summer here. I'm expecting these will keep going through the fall. It wasn't quite my plan but I'm not going to argue. They look great.

What's blooming in your garden?

Addendum: The mountain mint I have is Pycnanthumum muticum, there are several species of mountain mint with at least one species native to most areas of the Eastern US (and I think there is a California native, too). This plant can be aggressive in the garden but isn't too hard to control. I've got it planted in the strip between the sidewalk and the street where it can spread if it wants to.


  1. great pics, love the Mtn mint, it is unusual. I have crocosima in my zone 5-ish yard, and it over winters in the ground just fine.

  2. Nice to see your northeast natives. I couldn't get crocosmia to bloom here on the central coast of California, don't know why. But I'm focusing on our local natives anyway, so not to worry. Nice to enjoy crocosmia at a distance, blooming in your garden!

  3. btw I like your name, gardening on the edge - that's how I feel too about where I garden.

  4. I am trying cosmos for the first time. So far only one bloom. They are very nice though with their ferny leaves and cheery flowers.

    Crocosmia in zone5? I might have to try that. I am zone4-5 depending on the plant and placement in my garden.